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Unstuck #1 (Unstuck Literary Annual)

"A real cause for celebration . . . The quality [of the stories] is uniformly very high." - Stefan Raets, Tor.com

Unstuck is an independent, non-profit, nationally distributed literary annual based in Austin, Texas. We emphasize literary fiction with elements of the fantastic, the futuristic, the surreal, or the strange — a broad category that would include the work of writers as diverse as Borges, Ballard, Calvino, Huxley, Tutuola, Abe and (of course) Vonnegut. In our pages, you’ll find straight-up science fiction and fantasy; domestic realism with a twist of the magical; and work that experiments with form or blurs the boundaries between poetry and prose.

Our hefty debut issue includes new short stories from Aimee Bender, J. Robert Lennon, Amelia Gray, Joe Meno, Marisa Matarazzo, Arthur Bradford, Helen Phillips, Matthew Derby, Rachel Swirsky, Matthew Vollmer, Lindsay Hunter, John Maradik & Rachel B. Glaser, Leslie What, Charles Antin, Meghan McCarron, Sharona Muir, Andrew Friedman, Julia Whicker, Judson Merrill, Karin Tidbeck, and Randy Schaub . . . new poems by Kiki Petrosino, Zach Savich, Dan Rosenberg, Kaethe Schwehn, and Patrick Haas . . . and a new essay by Rennie Sparks.

Unstuck's carefully designed Kindle edition includes: the full text of the 352-page print edition; a table of contents with navigation; cover art by photographer Timothy J. Fuss; and dozens of line drawings by illustrator Matthew Domiteaux.

"[Unstuck #1] has all the right ingredients. ... Among them, contributors have won two Nebula awards, as well as the Pushcart Prize, the Calvino Prize, the New Writer Award, the Iowa Poetry Prize and the Colorado Prize — that’s a lot of esteemed authors from a wide variety of communities."
- Samantha Pitchel, CultureMap.com

"Unstuck has managed to gather a collection of stories and poems that relate and play off each other in exciting and often surprising ways. If there is one thing that ties these stories together, however, it is not a common theme but an intimate attention to detail and a sense of wonder of the world we live in or might live in, even if only briefly. Highly Recommended."
- Dustin Monk, The Spiral

"If you love both literary fiction and 'genre' fiction, and want to be able to read inventive new takes on both things, then you'll welcome a new literary annual called Unstuck that aims to blur the lines."
- Charlie Jane Anders, io9.com

"Oh, a fine volume it is, all perfect-bound, thick as a brick, and stuffed with texty goodness."
- Austin Chronicle

"A striking debut. The idea of blending genre fiction and literary fiction is . . . potent. Unstuck has the potential to be a serious part of the conversation."
- Joe Gross, Austin American-Statesman

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