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Tomato Cookbook: Tomato, The Super Food

The tomato is considered a vegetable and consumed as such but it is actually a fruit, and a very popular one. Easy to eat, easy to carry and easy to prepare, it wins everyone’s votes. Round and red is the most popular, however, we find other shapes, sizes, and colors—more than 10,000 varieties in the world—and let’s not forget all the benefits it brings to our health too.

Very simple to consume, it lends itself to infinite preparation and, all its qualities, make it one of the most consumed fruits in the world. It provides us with a good amount of vitamin C, so important to strengthen the functioning of the immune system of our body.

You will feel much more energy and another important benefit of tomato is that it can help you lose weight. Indeed, it is proven that tomato has the property to burn fat in the body. Other benefits are that it can reduce the risk of stroke, in addition to preventing cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of osteoporosis for women, and many other.

For all these reasons, the tomato should always be present in the daily diet of your whole family. Let me show you how easy it is to use the tomato in these new recipes you will learn through this cookbook.


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