tales of the pacific with biographical introduction

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Tales of the Pacific [with Biographical Introduction]

Jack London (1876-1916) was born in squalor and rose to become one of the most recognized names in American literature. London's travel and adventure stories have made him a favorite not only among young American boys, but also among scholars and authors like George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway because of his ability to infuse his writing with his own unique philosophical beliefs. As an ardent Socialist, London's views were an often overwhelming mix of Nietzsche, Marx and Darwin's theories on evolution and society, in whom he was thoroughly well-read. During the last few years of his short life London travelled around the Pacific islands, recording stories to be compiled in this collection. The stories skirt the line between fiction and non-fiction, illustrating the lush beauty of the Hawaiian Islands through London's characteristically evocative and dramatic style. These stories are viewed by some as London's finest writing.

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