river city tokyo rumble with limited edition kunio keychain

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Free Limited Edition River City: Tokyo Rumble Kunio keychain.

River City: Tokyo Rumble 3DS

River City: Tokyo Rumble with Limited Edition Kunio Keychain River City: Tokyo Rumble follows the story of a hot-blooded high school student named Kunio and his good friends. When a nefarious gang moves into Tokyo to try to take it over, it's up to this self-proclaimed "fighter for justice" and his buddies to make sure the streets stay safe! Punch, kick, use weapons such as soccer balls, iron knuckles, chains, and even bicycles to knock some sense into those devious gang members. Take on jobs, level up your abilities, and don't forget to stop on occasion for a snack or two at the local food joints. Luckily, smiles are free! Limited Edition River City: Tokyo Rumble Kunio keychain. 2" height and 2" length, made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). The keychain will be inside the game case.

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