protein shake an mfm romance

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Protein Shake: An MFM Romance

Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase...
Good till the last drop.

Kara Gilmore.
A sweet and pretty little flower.
She's got no idea what we're gonna do to her.
You know who we are.
Eric and Chase.
International billionaire fitness entrepreneurs.
We built this business by being ruthless and tough.
And that's exactly what's needed with Kara.

We'll make her a star.
As we use her.
But first, we're going to have to train her.
We're going to tie her up.
Make her beg.
Make her work.
On her knees.
Get her in shape.

And if she's a good girl?
We'll bathe her in our protein shakes.
It's sweet and will get her heart racing.
But it's also salty, which'll get her hair shining.
She'll coat it and make her skin gleaming.

Because baby, the only thing you need to know about this protein shake is...
Don't spit. Just swallow.

Hey babe! If you know what I'm about you'll know that I truly believe all women are beautiful. No matter what. Every woman deserves to feel strong, confident, and sexy. This is the first time I try to convey that message with my writing. My desire is for this book to do more than entertain - but rather to give hope and help you embrace the sexy woman you already are.

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