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Open Skies: Fantastical Short Stories for Kids

Open Skies is a collection of six stories for children ages 9-12 and two excerpts from novellas written by Marcus Emerson.

In "The Girl Named Muriel," a hiker has been separated from his group and now can't find his way back, but he's not alone. Muriel has followed him, claiming she did it to keep him from getting lost, but was she part of the group he was with?

In "The Golem Carnival," Becca has the opportunity to see The Golem Carnival, a special carnival consisting only of robots. A tale about how life can be more than what others expect.

In "The Epsilon Academy," a young boy is faced with leaving earth and starting 9th grade on a spaceship.

In "Elves Incorporated," On his first day of work, Ragert the Elf has to recover a shroud of invisibility... from a house full of cats.

In "Battle Robots," a battle robot competitor is benched and has to come to grips with what it takes to become number one.

In "Baxter: The Steam Powered Dog," a young girl has found an injured robotic animal and must return it to the owner before it completely falls apart.

In "The Shortest Samurai," a samurai warrior embarks on a quest to rescue his mother from an evil overlord. A tale of adventure.

In, "Tristan Reed and the Gateway to Leonis," Tristan hears somebody call for help from inside a locked shed, but upon opening it, finds nobody there. Where was the voice coming from?

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