manage your health care costs learn important factors to consider

>> Best Manage Your Health Care Costs: Learn Important Factors To Consider<<

Manage Your Health Care Costs: Learn Important Factors To Consider

Get no cost or low cost health care if you qualify-even for the middle class.The Hill Burton Act of 1946 created the authority for the federal government to assist medical facilities by offering mortgage forgiveness on building/facility mortgages in exchange for free or significantly reduced health care costs for patients meeting the income qualifying requirements.The maximum income threshold varies according to the state you live.The program serves mainly hospitals, nursing homes and dental facilities.The upper limit for qualifying income is as much as double the poverty level (in your state) and triple the poverty level for nursing facilities.The Program has been phasing out since 1997; however, there are still over 140 facilities offering free or significantly reduced health care.This is a Short Read ebook.

The beauty of this program shines through in cases where your health insurer won't cover the treatment protocol you need; whereas, Hill Burton may cover the treatment protocol because many patients are treated in medical school programs and university hospital settings.

The Hill Burton Program is available for veterans too.Go to the Hill Burton Program link in this book and scroll down to your state.Then, select a facility and go to the new patient registration office and provide the information requested for qualification under the Hill Burton Program.You can receive either free care or significantly reduced cost care for the middle class.This includes dental and nursing home care!

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