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Lilith: Eden's Planetary Princess (The Michael Archives Book 1)

THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES are the epic stories of the war in Heaven, between the Angels of El Elyon, the ultimate Giver, and the Overlords of Prince Satan, the ultimate Taker. It is this ancient war that has polluted and destroyed our sister planet, Eden and now threatens Urantia (the name the Celestial Rulers gave Earth).

The first book in the series, LILITH--EDEN'S PLANETARY PRINCESS, begins in the Celestial realm 35,000 years ago when the war in Heaven explodes into Eden's Material world. Angels incarnating into Eden are being captured and Harvested, their Essence dissected and their parts used to create an army of Nephilim, manufactured creatures perfectly loyal to their Overlord masters. 

King Joshua is desperate to save the Angels. After all, he sent them into this battle to fight the Overlords. Angels willingly volunteered to dive into Eden to protect the citizens of that troubled world from the invading Overlords. However, they risk being captured and destroyed by the Harvesters, thereby loosing their existence for all time. 

Now, a new enemy has emerged -- Lilith. A military leader of unprecedented brilliance, she has arisen out of nowhere, becoming Eden's Planetary Princess, Eden's absolute ruler. This is the story of her rise to power. 

NOTE:  LILITH is rated "R" for language, sex, and violence. 


  1. We are all ancient, immortal creatures fighting an ancient Spiritual war.

  2. This Spiritual war began within Satan's First Kingdom. All subsequent Creations have been touched by this Spiritual war.

  3. El Elyon, the Universal Father was not the creator of Evil. Evil originated from within Satan's First Kingdom. El Elyon is the God of Love, a Deity incapable of creating Evil.

  4. What happened on Earth's sister planet, Eden -- thanks to Lilith -- is just a peek at what could happen on Earth if things don't change.

  5. Here on Earth -- Urantia as it's known in the Celestial -- this war has yet to find resolution because not all of us have goodness at our core. Some of us, those who came from Satan's First Kingdom are inherently evil.

  6. Eden was meant to be the final battleground. Unfortunately, with Lilith coming to power, it didn't happen that way.

  7. As a result, Urantia is now a Hell Planet, a sorting facility where the Evil or "Takers" are being separated from the Good or "Givers".

  8. Those of us who are Givers are running out of time to rescue those who are trapped, those who have forgotten they are Givers and have been duped into serving the Takers.

  9. Fighting this war involved more than just shear, brute force. The Takers had hostages. For if the Takers knew they would ultimately lose the battle, out of nothing but spite, they would destroy the Givers they had captured.

  10. Unfortunately, the Takers have already destroyed many of the captured Givers. We hope we can eventually develop some technology to restore them.

  11. When our job is finished, those of us who are Givers will ascend back to the Celestial realm of Havona where we'll resume our ancient existence, serving El Elyon, our Universal Father.

  12. For the Takers, they will continue to be imprisoned on specially designed planets within this, and other nearby galaxies, living out their existence in Hell.

  13. In order to understand where Urantia is and how you're part of this Spiritual war, you have to understand what happened on Eden thanks to Lilith.

C.E. Robinson (Charles) was born and raised on a small farm on the coast of North Carolina and now lives outside Austin, Texas with his wife and a few cats. He is a scientist, philosopher, and writer, having been a nuclear power engineer, a 28-year devotee in a meditation cult, and a research scientist specializing in environmental toxicology. 

One day, quite unexpectedly, a doorway opened and the philosophy and mythology of The Michael Archives unfolded. He eats and breathes his character's lives. What a relief it is when they shut up long enough for him to get some sleep.

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