kovot cool shots silicone ice shot glass mold tray of 8

>> Best KOVOT Cool Shots Silicone ICE Shot-Glass Mold - Tray of 8<<

Makes 8 Crack-Free Ice Shot Glasses

KOVOT Cool Shots Silicone ICE Shot-Glass Mold - Tray of 8

Perfectly Chilled 'Neat' Drinks Sounds like an oxymoron? Not with Kovot's ice shot glasses! Our food-grade silicon mold turns plain water into beautifully sculpted ice shot glasses in a matter of hours. Pour yourself and your party guests a shot of your finest libation, and you'll all enjoy the gentle chill of the ice glass without the spoilage brought on by rapid-melt ice cubes. Our mold tray is the largest one available, yielding eight ice shot glasses. Enough for the entire entourage! Prepare for your happy event by pre-freezing a few trays of shot glasses using the Kovot mold. Once frozen, they can be taken out of the molds and kept in the freezer until the party and then used as disposable shot glasses. Using this Kovot mold to make ice shot glasses out of clear water is just the tip of the iceberg. The fun possibilities are virtually endless - all you need to do is add food coloring to the water or substitute the liquid altogether. Imagine tea time with chocolate shot glasses... Or your child's birthday party with little cups made of his/her favorite juice and little pieces of candy... Or a night in college dorm with everyone doing shots out of glasses colored to match the institution's logo... For best use and to minimize spilling, fill the mold 3 quarters of the way and then place in the freezer. Once frozen, fill in the remaining amount and freeze again. Enjoy!

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