fender expression pedal for guitar

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Pedal controls parameters of Fender® MustangTM III-IV-V amplifiers and Mustang Floor

Fender Expression Pedal for Guitar

Fender’s EXP-1 Expression Pedal is a dynamic new dual-modedigital pedal that controls the volume or amp/effect parameters onMustang® III, IV and V amplifiers and on the new Mustang Floormulti-effects unit. Switch between “Volume” and “Expression”modes by stepping on the toe end of the pedal. Red and greenLEDs indicate the mode in use.In “Volume” mode-indicated by illumination of the greenLED-EXP-1 controls the master volume or can be turned off. In“Expression” mode-indicated by illumination of the red LED-theEXP-1 controls most Mustang amp and effects parameters.Common among these, for example, are the frequency parametersof a wah effect and the rate/time parameters of modulation anddelay effects.The EXP-1 pedal puts great tonal control at your feet andprovides a great way to make your Mustang amp or multi-effectsunit even more fun, more expressive and more versatile.

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