charles dickens pictures from italy illustrated edition

>> Best Charles Dickens' Pictures From Italy [Illustrated edition]<<

Charles Dickens' Pictures From Italy [Illustrated edition]

Pictures From Italy by Charles Dickens

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"Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart." Charles Dickens’s Pictures from Italy can be considered as a guide for nineteenth-century travelers of Italy, or travelogue, as it provides narrative pictures of the different corners and aspects of the country. It was in 1844 that the Victorian novelist visited the most picturesque of Italian cities and towns such as Rome, Naples, Florence, Genoa and Venice. In the narrative, he is doubly amazed at the sites themselves as well as at the impression that they have left on his spirit. Dickens’s Italy is a beautiful assortment of contrasts, both visual and cultural. The colorful pictures display Mediterranean lifestyle, temperament and habits. Although Dickens pays much attention to street life, costumes and Italian cuisine, his accounts differ greatly from tradition travel literature. Indeed, Pictures from Italy often bears a critical aspect pertaining to the prevailing poverty as well as to the corruption of the political class. The squalor of certain city slums and the cruelty of certain state practices are juxtaposed with the luxurious buildings and the grandeur of the great monuments of the ancient Roman Empire. In a word, Dickens’s travelogue is not merely an exploration of unknown parts of Europe, but also a serious journalistic and critical work.

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- “What an amazing classic of travel writing. Unusual, to find something like this from the pen of Charles Dickens. He did the genre justice. His evocation of Italy in the old days before Italy became a unified country and was still just a geographic and cultural region, is unforgettable. Passages centred around the Alps and the denouement in the final chapter reach incredible heights of eloquence and evocative power.“

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