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Beneath the Aurora

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See the Alaskan skyline as it has never been seen before. "Beneath the Aurora" is a vivid, cinematic journey through Alaska's vast landscapes and brings the aurora to life through exceptionally smooth timelapse footage, collected and composed over five years. Set to an evocative soundtrack of instrumental ambient music, "Beneath the Aurora" creates an experience that is relaxing, awe-inspiring and meditative - much like being under the aurora yourself. With this award-winning production the mindful viewer can now feel the magic of the aurora from the comfort of home.

"Beneath the Aurora" is especially stunning when viewed on large, high-definition displays. Get this Blu-ray edition to experience the film - and your home cinema - at its best.

Music by: July Skies, Marconi Union, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Markus Guentner, Popnoname, Ilya Malyuev and Christian Kleine.

17 minutes of extra material about the film and the aurora. Extra material has English narration and subtitles in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish.

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