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When I encountered Chejil (Constitution) Medicine and applied it in my practice, I discovered that treatment was amazingly fast and accurate. As a result, I am forever indebted to and greatly appreciative of Yi Jae Ma, founder of Sahsahng Medicine, and Kwon Do Won, founder of Eight Chejil (Constitution) Medicine. I cannot begin to express the wonder when Chejil practice effectively treated symptoms that standard medical practices could not. Moreover, I witnessed countless occasions when the principles of Chejil refuted erroneous theories of modern medical practice. So, I eagerly desired to inform the general public of the medical misconceptions that they had in order to encourage better decisions for healthier lives. However, I feel that the right time has come for me to share with you some of my writings, which, until now, I did not feel I was fully prepared to do.
“Results judge the value of theories.” I particularly enjoy this phrase and use it frequently. My sincere hope is that this book will help you maintain a healthy body, and I believe truly that this book will be tremendously helpful.

- B. C. Song


Among the primates, there is no other animal that is so consumed with its physical health than human beings. We have encountered countless people who consume any and all that is purported to be good for ones health and perk up their ears when they hear of someone who experienced good results through certain diet. However, what is good for another person may not necessarily be good for me as well. At first, I doubted myself and tried not to believe this fact. Then I read my Respected Friend Dr. Song, Byung Chan’s book, and in one swift stroke, it answered my lingering question: “I ate the same diet and took the same dietary supplements, but how come I don’t experience the same results as everybody else?”
It was shocking to read that not only what is good for another person may not necessarily be good for me but also it may act as poison to my body. The reason is that all people have their own Chejil that is peculiar to their own.
Dr. Song carefully observed what Chejil I was and is guiding me to act according to my Chejil.
Until now, I have never persevered to finish a book on Chejil medicine. At first, I would be drawn to a peculiar title at a bookstore. I would buy it with determination that this time I would read it to the end and apply the important principles to my life or that my body is my responsibility and that I should take good care of it so that I will not become a burden to my children. So I would read this book and that book, however, after reading couple of chapters filled with professional research data that really do not speak to me, I would simply put the book away.
However, this time I was amazed and almost proud of myself for reading the book all the way to the end with great interest. I most certainly was not experiencing some desperate health issues. When I thought about it more carefully, I realized that Dr Song’s book was unlike other medical books. It had an attractive nature of its own. Utilizing his long years of diverse clinical experience, he writes in a reader-friendly style that even little children can read and understand. Moreover, the reader feels that one is invited to front-row seats in eavesdropping on the conversation between Dr Song and his patient. As one listens in, the reader is struck with admiration as one shouts, “Oh, that was the reason why!”
One should not acquire knowledge for the sake of acquiring knowledge. I believe that it is more important that one attempt to apply the valuable knowledge acquired through a good book. At least this time around, I believe that it would be good for us to apply the valuable knowledge that we have acquired through this book, so that we may live long and healthy lives.

SungKyunKwan University Professor of Education in Classical Chinese
Myung Hak Lee

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